Compare & find insurance for your aircraft

Discover Planesurance, a user-friendly mobile app for aircraft owners seeking hassle-free insurance solutions from multiple providers. With Planesurance, effortlessly find and purchase third-party and hull insurance policies tailored to your specific needs. Keep your planes protected and your peace of mind intact as you navigate the skies!

Submit your insurance request

It's now easier to send a request for a quote. Fill in your aircraft details, including total airframe time, total landings, and MTOW. Add the pilot information (can be only one or multiple pilots that you want to add to your insurance policy) and send the request for a quotation via our platform.

Receive offers for your request

Based on the information sent in your request, the insurers and brokers registered on our platform have 96 hours to send you a quote. After 96 hours, the submission window is closed, and you proceed with the next step: selecting an offer.

Select an offer for your aircraft insurance

Select an offer from those received on the platform. You can easily submit questions regarding the offers received directly from our platform. Select the offer you like and proceed to the next step to close the deal.

Close the deal

Close the deal by agreeing with the insurance offer that fits your requests. Payment is done outside the platform, directly between you and the insurer you have chosen.

Why use Planesurance to find aircraft insurance?

Convenience: Allows pilots and aircraft owners to quickly and easily search for insurance options anytime, anywhere, without having to sit at a computer.


Efficiency: Our app stores your aircraft details and pilot credentials, speeding up the application process any time you need to renew your insurance.


Access to multiple insurers:  Our app provides access to multiple insurance providers and policies, allowing pilots to compare and choose the best option for their needs.


Free to use: Our app is free to use with no hidden fees or charges.


Secure payment: Have peace of mind that transactions are safe and secure. We do not handle payment information, all the transactions are done directly between you and the insurer or brokers you have chosen.


Support: Great support from our enthusiastic staff passionate about aviation.

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Redefining how insurance for aircraft is purchased

Today, one of the biggest challenges that pilots and aircraft owners face when trying to purchase aircraft insurance is the lack of information available on pricing and where to find insurers and brokers. This can be especially difficult for those who are new to the process and may not know where to start. Searching on Google or other search engines may yield limited and unhelpful results, and the contact information that is available online may not be up-to-date. With Planesurance, we aim to change this and make the process a pleasant experience for both insurers and insureds.

Covering 360° of your insurance needs

Although there are plenty of aircraft types, models, and manufacturers, pilots and aircraft owners have similar needs when it comes to aircraft insurance. They want to easily find a convenient price for insurance that covers third-party liability insurance as well as hull insurance. With Planesurance, we aim to help you find exactly what you need in an easy way. Download our app and experience a free, painless insurance purchasing process.

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Common questions

From your mobile phone, head to Google Play or App Store and search & download Planesurance.

Most insurers and insurance brokers require the following information: aircraft type and model, manufacturer, year of manufacture, registration ID, MTOW, airframe time, and landings. For pilots, typically the following information is required: age, flight experience, and certification.

Our app it's free to use!

Currently, we cover the following countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Romania. We plan to add more countries as soon as possible.